The story so far...
Ever since I began listening to hard rock I've been fascinated by body art - tattoos primarily. And even though I've been a fan for nearly 15 years, I've never had the guts to get a tattoo myself... Until the fall of 2005 that is!
One day in october 2005 I walked into a tattoo shop and got myself a tattoo - and about a month later I got another one... All my tattoos are made by Erik Reime and/or Colin Dale at Kunsten På Kroppen - a tattoo artist located in Copenhagen, Denmark - and I love their work.

I currently have four tattoos: One on my left forearm, one on my right forearm, one on my left upperarm and one on my right upperarm.
  • The first one I got was the one on my left forearm. It's my surname (Goldbaek) written with some kind of medieval / gothic letters.
  • The second one I got which is located on my right forearm is four chinese symbols representing the words "Honour", "Loyal" and "Faithful" - things that are very important me.
  • The third one is the symbol from the cover of the Mötley Crüe album 'Dr. Feelgood'. It's a symbol which stands for my love to music - and Mötley Crüe in particular.
  • The fouth one is two dragons biting each others tails - taken from a HammerFall drawing. I love HammerFall and I thought this drawing would make an excellent tattoo.

Please bear in mind that the photos below are taken with a cellphone camera and the quality is therefore not very good.

left forearm

left upperarm

right forearm

right upperarm